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Academic Future

Undergraduate Degrees and Programs

With more than 60 majors and a wide array of available academic disciplines, your future is up to you. Choose from a diverse course catalog to create your own program based on your individual interests and goals. We’ll provide direction, but the destination is up to you.

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We provide you knowledge and skills and then help you to take your education further. Our advisors will connect you with opportunities to learn from experts in the workplace while building professional relationships that will change your life.

Graduates Employed or in Grad School Within Six Months
89 %
Student to Faculty Ratio
89 :1
Research and Internship Opportunities
0 +
Higher Starting Salaries for Students Who Study Away
0 %

Study Away Programs

In cooperation with top institutions abroad, our Study Away programs offer sound academics and profound experiences. With these opportunities, you can broaden your understanding of the greater world and gain an appreciation for its complexities and beauty.

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